Weekly update – going slow


I feel like I am repeating myself every week over and over. So I apologize in advance. Life is busy as ever but I am happy to have finished the prompt Sounds for the #springawakeningmonth event on instagram. This time, I illustrated Dickon from the Novel „the secret garden“ from Francis H. Burnett. This is my third illustration for this novel and I really enjoy making them. It is time consuming but it is somehow also very relaxing. I painted with Acryl and colored pencils and this time I even added aquarelle. Overall I want to try and include more texture to my work because I really miss visible lines of pencils. So today I will be jumping into designing the last prompt and color throughout the week.

The Novel I am currently writing is slowly piecing everything together. Its a progress, so better than no progress. I haven’t written as much as I wanted to but the plot is mostly done. And this is also important.

Moorigan is sadly looking at me to get finished, and I will get back to it after #springawakeningmonth is complete. I can’t wait to work on her.

Other than that, nothing else much is happening in my life besides the craziness that is permanent when you have 2 small kids. 🙂

I wrap this up so I can get to designing the next prompt. Hugs to you all and thank you for sticking with me. 🙂

Monia Baillieu is a professional illustrator and sculptor from northern Germany. Her illustrations are mostly eerie or haunted themed. Occasionally she creates some funny comics as well or ventures out into graphic novels. Sculptures are created with polymer clay and fit into the overall theme of her works.  

For professionell requests or collaborations please check her portfolio and send an email to info@millamo.com

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