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Weekly update – celebration

This weeks prompt for #springawakeningmonth is celebration. As you know, I do the prompts with the book „the secret garden“ by Francis H. Burnett in mind.
My celebration picture is not as intense as the word might give away. I drew Mary finding the key to the secret garden. It was a magical moment in the book and a true celebration in itself. Because this was the turning point in Marys life in Mistelthwaite. The illustration is painted with acrylic paint and polychromo colored pencil on paper.

Other than that my week has been quite busy as ever. I am still taking care of my significant other and our two little kids. Needles to say I hadn’t much time for other things, or I was outright exhausted. But I am pretty positive, that there will be better times ahead. And I am proud of getting this illustration done. 🙂

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