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The Last Unicorn Artwork – Weekly Update

Last week, I made a Characterdesign of Schmedrick the magician from the Novel „The Last Unicorn“ by Peter S.Beagle. This week, I wanted to create a complete Artwork of all the main characters in the Novel. The reason was my eldest daughter, she wanted to know what the others looked like, because I am currently reading this book to her. So I thought a collage of all of them would be cool.

I was able to document the whole progress of sketching and drawing the final lines on my IGTV Channel. If you’d like to watch the progress, feel free to watch it on my instagram. (monia.baillieu) The highlights of my work will be shown down below.

I started with Lady Amalthea and Prince Lír. I wanted him to look a little bit more in love than her, because poor Prince Lír was given quite a task to win the Ladys heart. This doesn’t mean that Lady Amalthea doesn’t love him though.

Next was the Red Bull. I wanted him to be dominant and large in the overall illustration. The whole story builds up between the Unicorn and the Red bull. King Haggard the unhappy and gruesome King seeking and keeping everything happy and beautiful was placed underneath the red Bull. The book itself doesn’t describe the red bull as the pet of King Haggard but it still is hunting down the unicorns for him.

Next was the unicorn. I tried to draw it as it was described in the book. Smaller and more slim than a horse. The hair was described as flowy, silver and something other worldly.

Mammy Fortuna, the owner of the magic menagerie is an old witch. I wanted to give her an odd outfit and memorable style.

Drawing Schmendrick this time was quite difficult. I had to squeeze him into the top right corner. Behind him is Molly Grue.

After a week of drawing, I finished it. Next up is coloring the whole illustration and I am quite scared to ruin the work. But we will see how it goes. 🙂

Monia Baillieu is a professional illustrator and sculptor from northern Germany. Her illustrations are mostly eerie or haunted themed. Occasionally she creates some funny comics as well or ventures out into graphic novels. Sculptures are created with polymer clay and fit into the overall theme of her works.  

For professionell requests or collaborations please check her portfolio and send an email to

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