Self induced Art Block – Weekly update


Last week I illustrated swallows flying through a pink sky. And low and behold an Art Block hit me. But this time, it was self induced. Usually my art block hits me, when I don’t know what to draw. This time around I was simply overwhelmed at the sheer amount of possibilities I have painting with only colored pencils. (Not that its different with other art supplies, but switching to a new one just made my brain freeze.)

So I did a lot of research on how to use colored pencils, what i can and can’t do and so on. Then I went into research of art and pinned a lot of pictures of artworks I liked. And then I wanted to start pouring everything I had learned, read and seen into a new illustration and my brain was not having it. As artists, we all know what these blocks feel like.

They suck.

But the Art Block can give us an new insight of our artists personality. How we deal with it and how we manage to get out of it. And there is no doubt, we all get out of it one day.

My personal struggle is not, knowing what to draw, but the execution. Mainly the backgrounds. And creating an interesting layout within. I am so tired of not telling a story within a picture. So this is what I have to figure out and I will probably create a lot of crap-art during this period. 😀 But this is the progress. 🙂

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