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Magazines, magazines – weekly update

I am a day late for this posting, I am very sorry. The cold is still hanging on to me. But today I feel a lot better.
I have written three magazine spreads I will post soon on my Blog. But first they are sent out to apply for a job. Thats why I won’t release them on here right now. But I want to do a weekly magazine spread for you all to read. So the weekly update will switch to a weekly magazine spread.

The article will be written in english and german. The topics will be historical, funny, parenthood, knitting and anything that catches my interest. I think this is the best option to connect my desire to write and illustrate. I will still be writing my novel but of course this can’t be written in a week or two. But i will update you on this. 🙂

Videos will be on my youtube channel every friday and I think the magazine Spread will be on here on fridays as well. I will definitely let you know.

I also have an exciting new project starting soon. I will be working on something really big. Expect a lot of pictures of fairytales on my blog and instagram. 😉 I will let you know details soon, but I am excited.

This is everything for today! I hope you all had a lovely start in this new week and you all made great progress on whatever you are working on! Keep up the good work! Thank you all for reading my blog! 🙂

Monia Baillieu is a professional illustrator and sculptor from northern Germany. Her illustrations are mostly eerie or haunted themed. Occasionally she creates some funny comics as well or ventures out into graphic novels. Sculptures are created with polymer clay and fit into the overall theme of her works.  

For professionell requests or collaborations please check her portfolio and send an email to info@millamo.com

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