Keep on going – persistence

Keep on going – persistence

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I have a short comic in my mind. It’s 4 pictures and a little bit of text. But a big meaning behind it.

I have now painted this 1 of 4 pictures THREE times an I am still not happy with the result. While I do dread starting over once more, each picture got better and closer to what I was aiming for.

The first picture was simply to small to show of the details in finishing. And the perspective, while being correct, making the character looking childlike due to the big head. Also, I don’t like how the coloring turned out.

The second picture was trying to fix what was wrong in the first. A typical example of trying to fix the perspective and angle and thus creating a deformed body. I was biting of more than I could chew so to speak. And don’t get me started on the pond – the angle is also off.

In the third picture I tried a mixture of both previous versions. I got adventurous and even changed the clothes to make the picture more interesting. But it was still not quite right.

I know how I could have easily fixed that by simply get my picture in this position taken to know how the gesture and perspective looked correct. But „proud“ and probably lazy me decided to work it out as I draw. Which leads to one big conclusion each artist should know and probably already knows. A base sketch need to be as correct as you want it to be. Fixing an artwork with colors will only lead to a messy outcome.

I really have to keep reminding me of this – „Draw the best damn sketch before coloring it.“

While I was drawing these three pictures I was often frustrated. There were so many issues and I did close my sketchbook more than a few times during my drawing session wanting to quit and move on to something else. But I picked it up almost immediately to keep trying again. I know it was possible. I know it is possible. And my result is here. (now I need to figure out the last 3 pictures haha…) 😀

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