#Inktober – First Participation

#Inktober – First Participation

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I have an exciting announcement! This year I will be joining the #inktober event on instagram. Therefore I have to prepare a few things so my blog will not suffer from the event.

During Inktober I will (try) to draw with ink everyday and post under the hashtag #inktober – A prompt list of words has already been released and I can’t wait to start. I have thought about what I should draw and I have chosen an exciting theme. During the month of october I will do a series of Addams Family themed pictures. I will just make them for fun and since Halloween is just around the corner it couldn’t be more perfect.

This Weekend I will get myself the supplies I need. It has been a long time since i only worked with ink. I considered to work with photoshop as well but i really want to hold my artwork in my hands instead of staring on it at the screen. So this event is really a challenge.

I will still post more historical related themes on my blog as well since coloring is the one thing i defiantly need to improve the most. But I will start working in advance to be able to keep it up. 🙂

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