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Hello 2021! – What to expect on millamo this year.

I hope everyone had a great start into 2021! Just as last year, we all had big plans that got, well, .. thrown over by the events of 2020.

How about starting fresh again in 2021? At least, that is what I thought.

By the end of last year, I started sculpting again and I for sure have missed it. So in 2021 I will be sculpting a lot and will reach out to galleries in late 2021. I have already started a new figure and I am very excited about it. Arms an legs are already done and cured, fixed on a ground. Now I start sculpting the body. (And another set of arms)

As far as drawing goes, I plan on a lot of black and white ink or pencil artworks. Maybe even more comic like. Maybe, maybe even a little bit of fan art.

2021 will be an exciting year for my family and me. There are so many milestones ahead and I am happy but also afraid to reach them. My kids grow so fast, its haunting.

But let’s get back to business. Here are a few snaps of my sculpture, not much to see yet, but it is a progress. And my first Comic Ink art of 2021.

Monia Baillieu is a professional illustrator and sculptor from northern Germany. Her illustrations are mostly eerie or haunted themed. Occasionally she creates some funny comics as well or ventures out into graphic novels. Sculptures are created with polymer clay and fit into the overall theme of her works.  

For professionell requests or collaborations please check her portfolio and send an email to

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