Gustav Klimt – Historical Artists – Draw in your Style

Gustav Klimt – Historical Artists – Draw in your Style

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Sketch – colored with Photoshop

Many years ago, I was almost everyday in a library. Roaming through the art section and looking into classical artbooks. Then I discovered Gustav Klimt. And although I wasn’t really into his style, I loved the technique he used to draw and paint.

I loved that he worked with gold and a lot of „unpolished“ art in the backgrounds. Leaving some things deliberately unfinished or hiding certain things. The way he drew the lines of his sketches and paintings is just marvelous.

He also chooses many non classical positions for his characters in paintings. Best example is the painting „The Kiss“ by Gustav Klimt. The position is new, still today. The hands look almost like they belong into an odd comic. Even the faces when not fully finished almost can fit into a storybook we find today.

He combined the old with the new and was really ahead of his time. So for todays topic, I drew „Judith“ from Klimt in his honors in my style. Klimt will always inspire me, to change things up, to try new styles, to go against the odds and do what you want to do.

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