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Coloring „The last unicorn“ – Weekly update

This week, I started coloring my previous sketch. The process is going slow and by Sunday I had half of the illustration colored. Hopefully I can finish the illustration this week. I feel like coloring is the hardest part of illustrating because I am super careful with this step.

I very happy how the red bull turned out, also Kind Haggard. But Mammy Fortuna is giving me a hard time. I love the color palette but I also think she definitely needs more contrast. I hope the overall coloration will work out the way I want it to be. This is probably the hardest part. I maybe even put a final colored layer above the complete illustration to pull everything together in the end.

As you can see above, Mammy Fortuna is in the mid stage of coloring. This is the stage no artist ever likes to share because right now, it looks so awful and weird, it makes me what to go back to drawing immediately and fix it. One Eye is blind and I will go in with white in the end for some highlights. Also I want to add some sort of texture to the kaftan she is wearing. I guess we will see tomorrow.

Monia Baillieu is a professional illustrator and sculptor from northern Germany. Her illustrations are mostly eerie or haunted themed. Occasionally she creates some funny comics as well or ventures out into graphic novels. Sculptures are created with polymer clay and fit into the overall theme of her works.  

For professionell requests or collaborations please check her portfolio and send an email to

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