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    Coloring with Polychromos – Art Talk

    I recently mentioned that I want to challenge myself with coloring an illustration with only one Art supply. Wether it be, Acryl, Aquarelle or colored pencils. Since I love drawing on paper with little texture, and love the control of using pens, I chose colored pencils. Faber Castells Polychromos to be exact. My first experience with those pencils weren’t the best. Not because of the pencils themselves, but I was „forced“ to buy them. When I was in School for sculptors all of us students had to buy the Faber Castell Polychromos for the Anatomy lessons. We were all mad about it, because the colored pencils were quite expensive and…

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    Finding your coloring technique – Art Talk

    When I started being interested in art in general, it was kind of an unspoken rule to stick to only one technique within an artwork. Wether its aquarelle, pastel or acrylic. I can’t even remember where it did came from but it just seemed to be the classic rule of ancient artists way back when. So I started of as one influenced by the classic artists. If i used aquarelle, I only used aquarelle, trying to achieve certain looks. But I was never really happy with the result. When I tried acrylics, I started missing the lightness that aquarelle had. When I painted with colored pencils, I missed the opaqueness…

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