Big changes for 2020

Big changes for 2020

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Hello dear followers!

In 2019 I did many childrens illustrations. I tried many styles, many techniques and many, many themes. At the end I hit a brick wall. No matter how much I tried and drew, nothing was feeling like ME. In December 2019 I picked up my old pencils and just drew a few more realistic artworks.

I have always admired realism in art. And i have always loved the simplicity of pencils. And after i completed a few drawings I knew where to go and what to do.

I ditched my art style completely and went back to what i loved and what my mentors in school always told me I could do best. Working with pencils only.

I picked up a new sketch book and a few new pencils. And since then, I have completed more artworks than ever in a short amount of time. And i can’t wait to draw more. I know exactly what I want to draw and were I want my art to go.

Its so funny, that the solution to my art block laid in my past.

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