Inspirational Post #2

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I love black and white photography and I thought it would be a great idea to post these inspirational photo posts just for the sake of inspiration for me and my readers. Hopefully these post will make you feel inspired. … Weiter

Keep on going – persistence

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I have a short comic in my mind. It’s 4 pictures and a little bit of text. But a big meaning behind it. I have now painted this 1 of 4 pictures THREE times an I am still not happy … Weiter

Inspirational Post #1

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As an artist I am drawn by visuals. I love to photograph, heck I loved it so much I snatched my fathers expensive analog SLR cam when I was about 14 years old just to do some photos. (Yes, he … Weiter

Overcoming an Artblock

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As someone who recently struggled with a major artblock, I feel obliged to share my journey how I got out of it. I am not an expert, but I did a lot of work to overcome this massive block and … Weiter

Worst Artblock ever

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Dear Followers, Artblock are comon and sometimes neccesary to grow. This art block that had hit me, was exdrodinary. It lasted for several weeks and I was questioning everything I ever did. I love art. And I want to build … Weiter

Zodiac Collection Millamo

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Great News! This year I will be launching not only my zodiac Collection but I will also start my Etsy shop sometime during March. I am currently in the very early stages of preparing a good chunck of paper stuff … Weiter

Big changes for 2020

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Hello dear followers! In 2019 I did many childrens illustrations. I tried many styles, many techniques and many, many themes. At the end I hit a brick wall. No matter how much I tried and drew, nothing was feeling like … Weiter

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