Anne of Green Gables – Historical Novels

Anne of Green Gables – Historical Novels

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Many, many years ago, I started reading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery. I was easily sympathizing with Anne and her ability to imagine things rather than living in the real world. I was daydreaming everyday. The fact that it played in a pre „Titanic“ era was the cherry on top. Somehow, even when I was only 11 years old, I loved the Victorian /Edwardian era the most.

Oh how I wished I could live in that time. I begged my mom to get a candle for my desk, a footlong nightgown and I even had a collection of satin bands for my long hair to hold the braids. Then I started collecting old stationary stuff from the flee market. Yes, I was that kind of weird and into history. I am still now but I won’t dress in historical fashion (Although I have sewn myself a robe a la francaise..) But lets get back to the book.

Anne is a character that is easy to love. She is the one strange kid that everyone knows. And the essential point in this book series is, that you are perfect the way you are. The puberty holds lots of troubles growing up and many embarrassing moments, but all of them happen for a reason and teach us to grow above that.

I was quite excited when I discovered „Anne with an E“ on Netflix. I gave it an immediate go and I was so disappointed. Yes, that’s right. I was so confused. First of, I hated Anne. I thought she was so annoying. At the same time, I was sad, cause I have always loved Anne.

I stopped watching it. I even hated the added storylines that weren’t in the original book. So I turned off and ranted about it. I told my husband how disappointed I was. Then it hit me, what rubbed me wrong about Anne with an E.

I was no longer a child. In fact, I was a mom. And I thought: “ Man, I have become Marilla.“ And I for sure did. I as annoyed by all the „nonsense“ Anne told. I had lost my ability to just dream away and was more into getting things done. Which as a mom I have to do or everything will end in chaos. But that is another story.

I gave „Anne with an E“ another try and low an behold, I got turned around by Anne like Marilla did in the book. I am still not overly fond of the changes in the storyline but that is just me. I tend to like the simplicity of the originals – its just a preference. The whole series is cleverly woven together with its meanings and changes that were made. And I am really excited to watch season 3.

If you loved the Netflix series than I recommend you to read the books. They aren’t as juicy as the series but really amazing.

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