A terrible Week – NaNoWriMo 2019 – Full Novel

A terrible Week – NaNoWriMo 2019 – Full Novel

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The last time I participated in NaNoWriMo was back in 2015 when I was highly pregnant with my first child. It brings back a lot of memories.. certainly a lot of memories of sitting uncomfortably due to the huge belly and a baby kicking into my organs while trying to string together a storyline. I didn’t made it to the end of the story and I regret that now. But nonetheless, here is my second attempt in writing a novel during the month of November. And due to having currently another baby, I wrote this novel mainly on my phone while baby was napping on me. 😀

It is a scary story – inspired by lots of creepy stuff – Trigger warning – The main character is sick during this „terrible“ week – There will be text about sickness, vomiting etc in this story.

This story is not finished and I hope to finish it until the end of November which is the Nanowrimo Goal. I will be updating as soon as I can so you can read on. The Artwork for this story will be finished soon as well.

And last but not least, please take note that english isn’t my first language. I hope I did not to many mistakes in spellings and such. It is the first time i wrote a novel in another language.

Enjoy & Happy reading! 🙂  

Chapter 1

It was silent in the modern and very clean flat. Artistic sculptures and books about architecture were neatly put on the windowsill. The only sound was coming from the rain hitting the window. It was a mesmerizing und calming sound. This and the Labradoodle farting every once and a while that made Aileen fall deeper and deeper into a dreamless sleep. She hadn’t planned on taking a nap at all, but despite all efforts she made in prevention the cold she had catched last week had won over. 
Her nose was running and her throat was staring to burn. 
Aileen felt a warm fuzzy thing on her belly. Followed by a purring sound. Her white cat called Rabbit had decided that he needed to comfort his owner. 
In other circumstances Aileen would have been over the moon with the coziness of her surroundings. 
But she felt that her head was also starting to hurt. 
„Damn. Just what I needed.“ 
Aileen got up and Rabbit had thrown her a look of utter disgust. 
„Oh don’t worry rabbit, you’ll find somewhere else to sleep.“ Aileens voice started breaking and she coughed. 
„Great.“ she mumbled to herself and left the living room. 
Down the long hallway she headed for the bathroom. Although she had many years ago fallen in love with the awkwardly built flat she started to hate the long hallway. The ceiling was high and there was only a tiny rooftop window that illuminated the eery corridor. And at the very end, there were only two doors. 
The tiny bathroom, typical for an old apartment complex in a big city, and the storage room. Which was merely a door that led to a few spare cupboards and her cleaning stuff. 
Aileen opend the mirrored cupboard in the bathroom and took a package of painkillers. 
As she closed the door the looked at herself. 
No, there was no sight of that once so vibrant young woman. Today Aileen felt old and tired. She took two pills and headed slowly back to her Livingroom. 
Her labradoodle looked only once as Aileen passed him on the way to the kitchen and let out another fart. 
„You are literally a pig, Pig.“ Aileen hissed at her dog who only seemed to agree and wagged his tail. 
The rain hammered louder against the window and the reported storm now seemed to show its true strength. 
Aileen was as usual very unimpressed by the weather and only looked at the storm once. The view from this high up was always breathtaking, but Aileen simply got used to it. Otherwise she would have noticed that the other houses in her street went completely dark. 
As Aileen searched for a package of tee, pig started to bark. 
„Oh what is it?!“ 
Aileen poked her head around the cabinets door but pig was nowhere to be seen. 
Aileen thought nothing of it and finally found the tea she was looking for. 
It was a medical tea and it tasted awful but hat proven to help. Aileen poured water into her electric kettle and turned it on. 
But nothing happened. It was a color changing that turned multiple colors as it reached several temperatures. 
Aileen turned it on and off several times until it dawned on her. She headed for the light switch and.. 
No light went on.  
„Oh marvelous.“ Aileen sneered and coughed. 
„Pig!“ she tried to yell because he started barking yet again. But her voice cracked and nothing but a hiss came out. 
She went back to the living room and found the door to the bedroom open. 
Aileen creaked the door open but no pig was seen. 
„Where is that dog?!“ 
Aileen pulled her phone out of her pocket and turn on the flashlight. It was quite dark inside her bedroom. She went around her bed and open a tiny cabinet door in the wall. It was a tiny space to store stuff and also hold the fuse box. 
A quick look and Aileen found the switch that had gone off. 
She turned it on and a loud beep sound emerged from the living room. 
Her tv turned on and a music video was playing loudly, breaking that calm silence. 
Rabbit let out a cry and came running into the bedroom hiding underneath the bed. 
„Oh don’t be a chicken, rabbit!“ was what Aileen tried to say but no sound was heard. Als she could do was whispering. 
Aileen searched for the remote and turned the tv off. 
Then she heard pig bark again. Aileen whistled but no pig came running. 
„Really pig?!“ Aileen thought to herself and went to the only place that was left unsearched. 
She turned the corner and there was pig. Standing in the middle of the long hallway his ears up looking down the corridor. 
Aileen whistled again but pig stood his ground and did not move. 
This was a strange behavior Even for her lazy labradoodle. 
She sighed and walked towards her dog. As she came close she whispered:“ What’s wrong buddy? Seeing ghosts?!“ 
Pig didn’t stop staring and so Aileen tried to figure out what the hell her dog was looking at. 
But there was nothing. 
The bathroom door closed. The cupboard room closed. The rooftop window closed. 
„Come on“ Aileen whispered and pocked at his collar. 
Finally pig gave in and followed Aileen into the kitchen. 
What Aileen failled to witness, was the awkwardly shaped shadow floating next to the cupboard room door. 
And in the next second it was gone and the electric kettle let out a beep to announce that the water had reached the right temperature. 

Chapter 2

The rain had finally stopped and Aileen put on a thick wolen coat and her garden shoes as she stepped outside onto her roff terrace. It was still windy and awfully cold for a late October evening. 
Around her she saw neighbors turning on their lights inside their cozy homes. Some of them even hat put on some Christmas lights. Aileen couldn’t blame them, with the sun already being gone it became dark quickly. 
She grabbed a cigarette out of her pocket and lit it. For a second, her face was illuminated from the tiny flame. 
Aileen instantly regretted the decision to smoke as she only coughed harder than before. 
She stuffed her cigarette into a pot filled with rainwater and took a sip from her tea. 
Everything tasted disgusting.
Pig stepped outside and went straight for his favorite apple tree in a big pot and peed right into it. 
Aileen rolled her eyes and felt to defeated to start a fight with her dog. 
She certainly chose the right name for her labradoodle. Aileen would definitely never eat an apple from her tree. 
She turned her phone on and texted a message to her boss. 
„Sorry, I can’t come in tomorrow. I have a cold and lost my voice too. But if anything needs to be done I can work from home.“ 
I didn’t take long and she got a reply. 
„Sorry to hear that. Yes there are some things that need to be done. You have to check on some plans for the Side-Street-project. I can’t trust Anna with that. It’s to important. I‘ll send them over tomorrow morning and need your answer til noon.“ 
Aileen sighed. 
„Ok I’ll look at them.“ She texted. She knew her boss wouldn’t write back but she was happy that he didn’t got mad at her for being sick. 
Since their management had kicked out her previous boss everything was running smooth again. 
Aileen wasn’t to happy about working from home but trusting Anna with such a complicated architectural plan made even Her uneasy as well. 
The wind moaned an a rumbling noise howled over the roofs of the houses Artois her. A short lighting was seen in the distance and a few raindrops fell onto the terrace. 
Aileen drank her tea and slowly walked back inside her flat. 
She turned on the tv and snatched the cozy knitted blanket from her big easychair. She zapped through the Programms and stopped at a horror movie she had last seen as a teenager. The memory made her giggle a little bit and she made herself comfortable. Rabbit hopped onto the couch as well and purred. 
It didn’t take long until pig stomped next to her and laid down on the rug.
Aileen fell asleep quite quickly so the only ones who were watching that old horror movie were pig and rabbit. 
As Aileen started to snore, a strange noise was coming from the hallway. 
Pig immediately got up and rabbit shoot his eyes open. 
Slowly that weird noise seemed to come closer to the living room. 
Rabbits hair stood up and the now huge white fuzzball was hissing. 
Aileen was still sound asleep as that something was creeping closer and closer from the hallway. 
It was eerily quite and the room felt heavy as pig and rabbit stared at the door. 
And there was something. That weird shape of something peeking inside the room, carrying darkness and an unpleasant coldness with it. 
The thing had no eyes, yet it seemed to stare at them. And pig and rabbit stared back. Until pig felt his need of protection and started wildly barking at it. 
Aileen woke and was quite confused about what was going on. 
She tried to yell at pig but forgot that she had no voice so only a lot of coughing came out. 
She looked around with tears in her eyes from the sudden coughing and thought she saw something at the door. But the second she blinked there was nothing there and pig looked at her all proud of fulfilling his duty. 
„Stupid dog.“ Aileen managed to whisper. „Wake me up once more and you will stay the Night in your doghouse outside.“
But pig only wagged his tail and rabbit had already laid back down again and fallen asleep. 
Aileen rubbed her eyes and walked down the long hallway, closing the cupboard room door and headed into the bathroom. 
As she walked back into the living room she locked the door leading to the main staircase of her Appartement complex. 
A few neighbors with kids were downstairs having an argument and Aileen was once more happy she didn’t have kids. 
She turned off all lights and the tv and left the door to her bedroom open. Pig followed soon after, only rabbit stayed on the couch as the flat was turned into complete darkness. 

Chapter 3

It was around 2 am as rabbit decided to stretch himself and begin his cleaning routine. He was half way through it as he suddenly stopped and froze. 
The thing was back. Staring at rabbit and didn’t move. It was just there peeking around the corner watching. 
Rabbits heart was beating fast and with sudden decision he ran as fast as he could into the bedroom and unter the bed. The Moment rabbit had started running, that black thing had started to move as well. Hunting after rabbit. 
Butch’s rabbit entered the bedroom, it stopped. 
Aileen nor pig woke up while the mad cat had run into the bedroom. And so rabbit was the only witness of what followed next. 
With his glooming eyes, rabbit stared from underneath the bed to the door that was slightly open. 
Waiting for the thing to appear. But it didn’t. Suddenly the light in the kitchen turned on. The sudden source of light turned rabbits eyes into slits. But he adjusted quickly. 
The light turned back off again and a deep humming noise was coming from the living room. 
Rabbit moved slowly backwards as his senses told him to. He kept staring at the small opening. And there it was. Slowly that thing appeared, sliding a little bit into the room and started staring again. 
Rabbits hair stood up on end and he moved as far away as he could. 
Cramped into the tiniest corner not losing the sight of that weird predator that has come into their home. 
For how long rabbit had stared at that thing, no one could tell. But as the sun rose it was suddenly gone. 
Rabbit stretched his paws and felt finally save enough to leave his hiding spot and climbed up to Aileen. He purred and licked her nose to wake her up. Aileen growled. 
„Shhh! Go away!“ she whispered. 
But rabbit was determined, he was hungry. And as Aileen stood up looking quite rough he finally jumped of the bed and ran into the living room waiting for Aileen to follow. Letting out a loud meow every now and then. 
Aileen yawned and walked slowly to the kitchen. The sun was rising higher and her flat looked bright and cheery. Aileen covered her eyes due to the brightness of light reflecting from the clean white walls and furniture. 
Her phone had shown 06:54 and although she hated her cat for waking her up so early, she knew the mail from her boss would be waiting in her mailbox soon enough. 
Aileen Heard the clicking sound of pigs paws on the cold floor behind her as she stepped into the kitchen. 
„What the hell?!“ Aileen thought and froze on the spot. 
One of her succulent plants was crushed and shattered all over the floor. 
She threw an angry look towards rabbit who couldn’t look more less interested in the dead plant. 
„Oh I know it was you rabbit.“ 
Rabbit let out a loud meow and purred around her legs and almost danced towards his empty feeding bowl. 
„Pff you gotta wait until I cleaned your mess!“ 
After everything was done and pig and rabbit were feed she made herself a coffee and turned her laptop on. 
And of course the inbox already showed many mails from Anna and her boss. Anna being frantic about the project she now had to manage alone and her boss making sure everything went well. 
Aileen drifted into her workmode and sipped from her coffee every once and a while. 
She almost freaked out as her phone suddenly rang and she was aware on how much time had past. 
She jumped to her phone and tried saying „hello“ to her coworker Anna but only a whisper came out. 
But it was enough for Anna to start a conversation about the project. 
Aileen was more than annoyed as Anna started to rant about other coworkers and their lack of sympathy for her. 
She put her headset onto her phone and went to the bathroom. As she walked down the hallway Anna started to talk about a fellow coworker and how she was treated by her. Aileen couldn’t roll her eyes hard enough as she closed the cupboard room door on her way to the bathroom.
She washed her face and didn’t even care what Anna would hear as she went for the toilet. Anna was still ranting and hadn’t even noticed anything so Aileen took some painkillers out of her mirrored cabinet. 
As she had washed them down with some water she noticed in her mirror that the cupboard room door was slightly open again. 
She stopped listening to Anna and went to the cupboard room. 
She opened the door and closed it several times and nothing was out of the ordinary. 
„pff.“ was all Aileen said and headed back to the kitchen. 
„Yeah right?“ she Heard Anna say and she went off to another rant. 
Then a clicking sound stopped her from walking and she turned around. The door was open again. 

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