Inspirational Post #2


I love black and white photography and I thought it would be a great idea to post these inspirational photo posts just for the sake of inspiration for me and my readers. Hopefully... WEITER LESEN

Inspirational Post #1


As an artist I am drawn by visuals. I love to photograph, heck I loved it so much I snatched my fathers expensive analog SLR cam when I was about 14 years old... WEITER LESEN

Overcoming an Artblock


As someone who recently struggled with a major artblock, I feel obliged to share my journey how I got out of it. I am not an expert, but I did a lot of... WEITER LESEN

Worst Artblock ever


Dear Followers, Artblock are comon and sometimes neccesary to grow. This art block that had hit me, was exdrodinary. It lasted for several weeks and I was questioning everything I ever did. I... WEITER LESEN

Zodiac Collection Millamo


Great News! This year I will be launching not only my zodiac Collection but I will also start my Etsy shop sometime during March. I am currently in the very early stages of... WEITER LESEN

Big changes for 2020


Hello dear followers! In 2019 I did many childrens illustrations. I tried many styles, many techniques and many, many themes. At the end I hit a brick wall. No matter how much I... WEITER LESEN

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